hello, beautiful

Every woman deserves a portrait that makes her feel gorgeous.

love notes


If I had one word to describe working with Olivia, it would be effortless. She makes you feel so comfortable which is the hardest part! Being in front of a camera can be scary, but Olivia gives you so much confidence that you forget that the camera is even there. I’ve worked with so many photographers, and Olivia is one of a kind. She makes every experience memorable.

- J

I wanted to do this session to remind myself that I am beautiful and sexy. I was so blown away. I felt proud of how I looked. I think you captured me exactly how I wanted to look.

I absolutely would recommend this experience to a friend. I would tell them not to do it for their boyfriend/girlfriend husband/wife. Do it for yourself. To remind yourself how beautiful, sexy, elegant and gorgeous you are. Do it for you. Your “person” just gets the benefit of it!


Shooting with Olivia is always amazing. She does an excellent job at making you feel comfortable so you can just enjoy the experience! I’ve found that some photographers expect you to know all the poses and leave you to figure it out on your own, but Olivia is getting down on the ground to find your best angles, helping you pose, and cheering you on the whole time! Olivia is amazing and I guarantee you’ll have an unforgettable experience.


Olivia has a way about her that puts you at ease in front of the camera. Getting along with the photographer is so important for me to be able to relax into the shoot. She nails it with humor and kindness. Combine that with her creative vision and use of light, WHAM you have a magical photo shoot every time.